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Employee Benefits

Attract great employees and keep them on your team

Whether your business has one employee or hundreds, we can help you develop an appropriate employee benefits strategy that will attract and retain the staff that will bring your company new growth. With so many choices available for group insurance, retirement plans and other tax-advantaged structures, our experienced team members can advise you on your best options.

Work with SBIA, and you will have one point of contact – one of our seasoned professionals will be your representative today and, we hope, for years to come.

We represent insurance carriers that you know and trust – and that offer products tailored to the needs of small businesses.

  • Group health insurance – Regulations and insurance company responses to them seem to change daily in the group health market. Rely on us to guide you through the maze of choices to identify the health and dental plans that both you and your employees will value.
  • Retirement plans – Create a path to retirement for everyone in your company, or consider new options for your current pension, profit-sharing or 401(k) plan. Our knowledgeable team members may identify alternative products for your company’s particular situation.
  • Group life insurance -- Often overlooked in a benefits package, group life policies underline how much your employees mean to the company’s success. Group purchasing power enables you to offer a more generous benefit.
  • Disability income protection – No one expects to fall ill or become injured, and your business suffers when key employees experience short-term disability. Offer peace of mind to your staff and their families with short- and long-term disability insurance to cover unexpected health issues.
  • Cafeteria plans -- Also known as Section 125 plans, you can offer tax-advantaged benefits, including reimbursements for medical and child care expenses, to enable employees to lower their taxable income. We understand the complexities involved and can create the kind of plan that your company needs today and will need in the future.

We take pride in our ability to explain our products to employees in all kinds of businesses. Working with us, you will find your representative ready to present your employee benefits to a roomful of staff or in one-on-one consultations.

We also advise on benefits information included in your employee handbook. This essential document is too often forgotten when benefits plans change, and we are happy to help with critical updates.

Call us to find out how we can share our years of experience with your employee benefits package.